Blast from the Past - Wedding on Flathead Lake

Around 20 years ago, I pretty much spent my summer life at my good friend Brent's house. I'm not even kidding either, almost every day from 10:00 in the morning to dinner time we were either playing video games, climbing trees, digging holes (yes I don't know why but we did), and drinking pop. We even occasionally would hang out with his little sister Christa....

Last winter I was asked by Christa and Tom if I would be their photographer for her wedding. Tom and Christa were an absolute blast to work with, even when Christa would bust out what Tom called "The Christa Face".  The weather behaved all day, and really made my job super easy.  Ok enough talk picture time!!!

Big Congradulations to Tom and Christa, it was a blast to see Christa and her family again after MANY years and to meet Tom. Thanks again for letting me be part of your day.