Sony NEX-7 Living Review

This review will change over time as I continue to use the camera.

I recently purchased my first mirrorless camera, the Sony NEX-7. This is a mid to high level camera using a new technology that allows for a much smaller form factor compared to standard DSLRs. Here is a good article explaining how mirrorless cameras work.  Here are a few specs of the Sony NEX-7,

  • 24MP APC-C CMOS sensor
  • 2.4 M dot OLED EVF with eye sensor
  • Electronic first-curtain shutter (NO MIRROR)
  • 1080p60fps HD movie recording with built in mic

My first impressions, "This thing is tiny!".  The middle image is the NEX sitting next to my D800. It looks like a tiny cheap consumer point and shoot camera in comparison, however this is a professional grade camera. The only major professional feature that is missing is a full framed sensor.

My favorite part of this camera is the electronic view finder (EVF). This can take some time to get use to, but it allows you see exactly what the picture will look like before pressing the trigger. This is a huge advantage compared to standard DSLRs. Change the exposure settings you desire and the EVF shows you what the image would look like if you had fired the trigger. This may sound very small, but reducing the need for test images increases your chances for the exposure you desire in a shorter amount of time. It also helps prevent exposure errors in the moments where you only get one chance to take the shot. 

Enough with talking about the camera, here are some sample images (some processed, some not) from the Seeley Lake Pond Hockey Tournament. 

Will this replace my D800? No but this camera is much more portable and will be a great camera to carry with me most of the time. Did I mention this camera retails at $1099? A great price for a very high end camera. I highly recommend the entire NEX line of cameras to anyone who is looking for a great portable camera that can take some amazing high quality pictures. 



  • Small Size
  • Price
  • Amazing Features


  • Not amazing low light performance
  • Small amount of E-Mount lens available
  • Electronic view finder can be hard to adjust to