Why are my prices so low?

In the last week or so I saw an interesting post online from a photographer on Facebook. I don’t want to post names, but it was a fairly negative post that talked about how awful it was for photographers to price themselves low. They went on to use some of my prices as examples and proclaimed that photographers with these prices are ruining the photography market. Now it’s very possible it’s just a random coincidence but either way I thought it would be a great opportunity to go into detail on why I am priced so low.

My first reason? I’m a new photographer! Having real world experience is the best way to work on your skill. Having low prices, not free but low prices, help attract potential new customers. I always make sure my customers know what my skill level is and that I set a firm expectation of what kind of product I will deliver. As long as this expectation is set and both parties agree to it, I believe it’s a win for everyone. Now will my prices increase over time as I gather more experience? Of course, but my prices will always remain on the lower end because that’s the market I’m targeting.

The most unique reason my prices are low is because this is not my full time job, nor will it ever be my full time job. I don’t believe in having one full time job. I’m a huge believer in “micro” careers. In short, micro careers are several different careers done at a part time status. I have designed all of my careers to be in fields far enough apart to help prevent from being mentally burnt out, but also similar enough to have carry over. This carry over allows me to subsidize my photography business as I know it will bring in business in my other forms.

In summary, the photography market is becoming extremely easy to enter. Cameras are so amazing and cheap that everyone has the ability and the tools to create amazing photos. This forces all photographers to be creative and innovative in their business models. I’m not purposely undercutting other photographers to cause bad blood nor am creating a poor product for my customers. I’m just not using a standard photographers business model, however it’s working great for me, and if you ask my customers it’s working for them too!